Am I correct in assuming that you put drainage holes in the clear cup and put the red base to catch water, or what? Planting Fiddle-Leaf Fig Trees. On a side note, I’ve been obsessed with this book. My fig tree is relatively new, so apologies for all the questions thanks! When you are considering bringing a new plant into your home, you most likely will look to see if it is poisonous in any way to your dog, cat or child. It's a banyan fig, which means that it begins its life high in the branches of another tree, then sends its roots down to the ground where it slowly strangles the host tree to death. Here are additional resources for you so you can take precautions with the plants you choose for your home to keep your pets and children safe: Buy Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food on Amazon Now! Should I use any root stimulator? =). Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree 'Bambino' 25-30 in (Ficus Lyrata) - Perfect Hostess Gift, Stocking Stuffer, Gift for Her, Housewarming Present PrettyInGreenPlants $ 68.00 I didn’t know you could transplant like that. I immediately un-potted it and dried out the root ball and repotted it once I knew it was dried out and happy again. My dad also would spend whole days working on his garden, growing veggies, killing weeds, getting sun burned and engaging in epic battles against hungry bunnies. Especially when pruning or propagating. Product Reviews on 10 Best Fake Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees. I’ve got 2 house plants now growing that seem to require little water/attention so MAYBE i could handle a fiddle. i love your post – just got a new fiddle leaf fig plant yesterday, and am really hoping i can keep it alive. $19.50 $ 19. I’m happy to answer those questions for you! Then you just have to be patient and wait. I know people who spend $50 for full size trees.
, DIY Christmas Ornament Using Chinese Knotting Technique, Sneak Peek: Amy’s Baby Sprinkle Party Favors! Keep your fiddle leaf fig near a sunny, east-facing window. repot once you’ve found that its thriving in its new home. Oooh, I’ve been lusting after FF’s for a while now but haven’t ventured out to buy one. I have to have a stake to hold it up! I heard its best to propagate branches that are less than 2 years old or so but I have no idea how old this tree is since I only bought it 2 months ago. I have a cutting in water right now with roots!!!! I’m planning to follow your instructions with sanitary cutting the branch, dipping it in rooting powder then leaving it in water until it grows roots. I’ll try to take a pic soon. sorry for my late reply! And for your enjoyment, more great photos of fiddle leaf figs from around the blogosphere. Carattere cartier anello oro rosa come pre: presenta Ambrose come comprh cartier anelli donna acciaio ensif pre che privilegiati Genitori di comunicazione e bambino. Very cool!! definitely try for west if you have it. It begins active growth in the early spring and continues through the summer into early fall. Wear gloves, put a tarp down, and stay safe. For example, if you are propagating or pruning your fiddle leaf fig, you will want to take care not to come into contact with the sap from the plant. When you buy a Gracie Oaks 52" Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Vase online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. The pruning really did work, and it is now growing two new branches! Is there anything you can think of that may be holding back any root formation/causing droopy leaves? yes!! OK, he is a little fickle but we still LOVE him. Heres what you need to know if youre getting a Ficus Lyrata: google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3522967014334754"; Thanks for the detailed post! Including: Showing off the progression of your fiddle leaf fig! I will be sure to update here about their progress in the coming months. good question. Do you recommend a size? It was inevitable that I’d grow up to love plants. We’ve got fiddle leaf fig trees that have been happily cohabitating with us for years: one tall tree that resides in the office and a bushier plant in the dining room. Watering. For example, if you are propagating or pruning your fiddle leaf fig, you will want to take care not to come into contact with the sap from the plant. Fiddle Leaf Fig Houseplant. Some plants that are very poisonous are Azaleas, Mistletoe, Hydrangea, several Lily varieties, Oleander, Rhododendron to name a few. My fiddle leaf fig went through quite a bit and I believe I definitely overwatered it, the leaves started to get spotted with brownish/red dots and the edges of the leaves were turning dark brown and brittle. Also, how long after your pruning did you see branching? Above: Ikea’s Ficus Lyrata Bambino, at 12 inches high, is happy to live on a windowsill (if you have bright, indirect light); $12.99. Slowly increase its light exposure over a period of a few days. The Scotts Company LLC. The shock from change in conditions, such as moving position. Think of it like… they are stretching to get above whatever is blocking their sunlight. It can cause blistering of the skin. Does my pot need to drain? Hi Cheryl- my fiddle has very thin trunk. When I was a kid, my mom was constantly planting roses, peonies, and other flowers around the perimeter of the house. Let me know if this will work! new updates. My tree is currently between two west windows that have very sheer curtains. The major concern I have is drooping leaves. I think I’m watering appropriately. I have successfully replanted a baby fiddle leaf fig and was wondering how often I should water it? In this case, you would not want your dog or cat or child ingesting any plant identified as Class 3. They prefer bright morning light, so it would have been happy on an east facing window, but I have limited options when it comes to windows. Oxalates are the next class where the sap contains oxalate crystals which can cause drooling and breathing difficulties if ingested. Click to play video . The nursery where I purchased the tree was not helpful – I’d love any feedback! Please help! i love that you can propagate them! And I’d say it took about 3-4 weeks after pruning to notice the first little buds of the new branches. Fiddle Leaf Philodendron or Horse Head Philodendron (philodendron bipennifolium) is poisonous and sometimes gets confused with Ficus Lyrata, fiddle leaf figs, because of its name. Do you suggest moving it directly in front of one of the windows (with curtain as protection) or is it fine in between them? google_ad_height = 90; Here, you’re going to know the details about the best fake fiddle leaf fig trees for decor. I finally had to stabilize her with a bamboo rod. It’s SUPER easy to propagate (a fancy term for making plant babies), but you will need to have patience because it can take a long time for the roots of a Fiddle clipping to appear. He thrives in a warm location with bright light (but not direct sunlight) and likes regular watering (but not over-watering). When it comes to measuring toxicity, there are 4 classes of toxicity identification. =). Love fiddle leaf fig tree! Perhaps the coolest indoor plant in the world right now, tropical Ficus Lyrata has large upright veined leaves shaped like a fiddle. It may cause a mine illness if ingested, like vomiting or diarrhea. But they do add something oh so wonderful to a room! I’ve had mine for about a year and it is still doing great. i’m so jealous of yours! thank you!! These trees tend to go dormant in the wintertime, and you want it to be in it’s active growth stage so that it can bounce back from any shock or trauma. FREE Shipping. In that blog post, I showed how to make a Fiddle Leaf Fig baby through propagation (a fancy term for making plant babies from cuttings of plants). 50. Thanks . I live in Forest Hills as well (67th ave) and just came across your awesome blog – very exciting. I didn’t try calling local nurseries because this tree, on top of being finicky, is also really expensive the larger it is. mine is never seems that happy with me nor my room. // ]]> >>Sponsored Post<<, Major DIY’s in the Kitchen: PART 4 – Final Before and After Photos, Major DIY’s in the Kitchen: PART 3 – Additional Shelving, Major DIY’s in the Kitchen: PART 2 – New Backsplash, Major DIY’s in the Kitchen: PART 1 – Countertop Resurfacing,,,, The Ultimate Rabbit Hole - Your weekend reading sorted! I bought mine on Amazon! Fiddle Leaf Fig $ 139.00. I ended up putting it on a south window (slightly south east, but mostly south), and it’s been quite happy there. I gave the little cutting away to a friend last month. You can bring tropical vibes to your home with this fiddle tree from Nearly Naturals. Abby, bugs in the soil could mean that the soil is too wet. I’m new to this… Thanks! This signifies major toxicity that causes serious illness or death. Oh, and the mama plant is doing great too! Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!! Hi, my little sapling has some tiny holes in a couple of the leaves. Check out our dwarf fiddle leaf fig selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our craft supplies & tools shops. Shipping purchase protection Items shipped through OfferUp come with a free money-back guarantee. The best place for your plant is near an East-facing window that is free from drafts. In a matter of two months it tripled in size! I am going to start using a plant nanny to see if that helps with the watering. Mackenzie. I just bought one and I love it! Hi Cheryl, hope you’re fully recovered from your surgery! Once your cutting has been in the soil for 2 – 3 months and has started to grow new leaves, it’s time to feed it. I forgot to take pictures, but two weeks after the roots started (as of yesterday), the roots had all grown to a length of one to two inches. They have a white, sticky sap that can be irritating to some people or pets. They cannot hold themselves up, so I’ve been placing small objects under the leaves to offer some support. If I were you, I’d wait another two months before re-potting to play it safe. It can cause blistering of the skin. See more ideas about Fiddle leaf fig, Fiddle leaf, Fiddle leaf fig tree. Fiddle leaf fig leaves turning brown. Could it be bugs in the soil? and want to put in dirt, a little afraid. Thank you in advance! I left my place for 4 days and three leaves fell off and some of them are browning and getting all crunchy. Do you use Twitter? Also, good drainage will allow your soil to more properly dry out between waterings. Another two weeks later, some leaves had sprouted. Just realize that depending on the season, you may need to water more or less often do to the change in seasonal humidity. With small ingestions of the plant material, there is a risk for mild gastrointestinal irritation. Keep your fiddle leaf fig near a sunny window so it can take in lots of sunshine throughout the day. Repotted them yesterday, and am now searching for appropriate names for them……as I find that named plants tend to thrive just that little bit more. I’ve been on vacation! TruYou Member (7) Make offer. So if you don’t just want one tall column of leaves, you have to cut it back to give it that full tree-like shape. // ]]> that looks amazingggg!!! Remember to replace the top several inches of soil with a nutrient-rich layer once every year. I used a pair of hand held pruning shears that you can buy at any gardening center. so happy to have found a well documented post about pruning a fiddle leaf fig to encourage new branching! Be sure to read all three parts if you a fig lover like […]. However, you can also just use any blade, and that would be fine too. Having read this I thought it was extremely enlightening. I’m sure I’ll have to transplant it in no time. i have two avocado pits growing right now…and some other random clippings going! There’s a branch with 4 leaves and another with 3. You have to be patient and grow your plant from a small size, but its way cheaper, and so much more fulfilling. Miracle-Gro Orchid Plant Food Spikes . I believe it was on the verge of root rot! But, only mildly so. In this week's episode of The Plant Doctor, Hilton Carter gives us the ULTIMATE guide to caring for your Fiddle Leaf Fig. February 18, 2014 at 9:01 pm. Click to play video . Good luck and happy gardening. But I like to wrap some aluminium foil around the glass to create a darkened environment….then pop it into a warm space like my windowsill and wait for the magic to happen. I decided to use this cutting to propagate a new tree. I have just come across your blog and I am so excited! At this rate, I felt like I should prune sooner than later to encourage branching. Prepare a pot with soil and cut the rooted branch, including the entire new root system. Water with lukewarm or room temperature water, not cold. Hi thanks for all the great tips on propagating. i have had my tree for a little over a month and all of the bottom leaves are getting pretty brown starting from the edges. I picked off some of the lower leaves to give it a more tree-like shape. Are fiddle leaf figs poisonous? Don’t be discouraged! 1. Cloning can be SO FUN! BESAMENATURE 30" Little Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree/Faux Ficus Lyrata for Home Office Decoration. Thanks . Sometimes also, if it has adjusted itself to a certain environment (like the dark interior of a home depot) you have to slowly expose it to the new environment of brighter light. **UPDATE (9/4/13):The main plant is getting huge now! Hopefully once the roots are established, it will start to grow some new leaves. FREE Shipping by Amazon . 3. Overwatering can lead to rotting of the roots. Are you looking to buy a fiddle leaf fig plant online? google_ad_slot = "2148332818"; First, let’s talk about the fiddle leaf fig. Any suggestions how to make it thick & strong? What direction is the window facing in your home? I don’t think that repotting is the answer if you JUST bought it. Hi, thanks for putting together all this information (and to the other contributers) – I live in Perth, Australia and I’m going to collect some cuttings tonight to propegate…exciting! … This means that when you handle your plant, you want to take care not to come into contact with the sap. hi!! [CDATA[ I’ve read that other bloggers have found them at Home Depot for super low prices ($20 for a 4ft tree) but none that I called had them. Since she was pretty mature, I pruned her and placed the cutting in a glass of water ‘in hopes’ of propagating it. Congrats, you now have a whole new fiddle leaf fig tree. and my parents are SO annoyed!! Christmas. You just have to make sure you have a clean sterile cut, then dip the open wound into some rooting powder like this product. One thing to note, however, I didn’t use a rooting powder or anything of the sort. Both new branches have grown substantially and the whole thing has gotten much taller. These trees usually prefer an east or west window. It’s been a full month and I am seeing no rooting what so ever. Hi Cheryl, These are my first fiddle leaf figs, as I haven’t been able to afford to by one at retail price. In terms of plant food, I use this: I did some research on it and been trying to just water it about every 7 days and give it as much sunlight as possible, but I’ve lost about ten leaves so far, and brown spots are spreading on all leaves now. I treated it a few weeks ago and noticed some dead ones on the surface afterward. My cat likes to nibble, but not sure if that’s the culprit. just letting you know that I just posted an update about the progress of my little tree. **EDIT (7/22/13):  I checked on the propagated plant again a couple days ago, and the roots are really growing rapidly. Which brings us to an important question. Do you sell/ give cuttings away from time to time? These resources are very helpful when you are looking to determine the toxicity of your household plants. Kitty sounds like a likely possibility. Get it as soon as Thu, Oct 15. Anyway, I’m not sure about propagation during the dormant phase (never tried!). 9:23 . Grab the Essentials for Your Fiddle Leaf Fig: Another Fiddle Leaf Fig Victory: Fiddle Leaf Fig Troubleshooting. I might re-pot so her roots can spread, but otherwise I’ve been at a loss. I think i was able to get away with a south facing window in my home because I live in a neighborhood with a lot of tall apartment buildings, which probably help block out some of the sun. The easiest way to tell if a plant needs to be watered is by the weight of the container. They don’t like dry heat. Fun! Ask. Propagated plants also make great affordable gifts. The short answer is yes, potentially. Why is my Fiddle Leaf Fig Growing Leaves at the Bottom? I re-potted my tree about a week after I got it in April. A tiny fiddle-leaf fig might suit your lifestyle better than a tree. Indeed, I have had a lot of success propagating from cuttings simply using a glass of water too. I actually bought it like that from Ikea, and I’m afraid they’re already dying. Hirt's Fiddleleaf Fig Tree - Ficus - Great Indoor Tree - Easy - 6" Pot. hi! Oh well….. best of luck with yours but from the looks of it you don’t need any luck, you are an natural! However, this plant is NOT slow growing. I’d rather under feed than over feed, so when in doubt, feed less. I have had my tree for about 3 years. I’ve seen different sources tell me bright light, filtered light, moderate light for the same plant, but once i knew, “use a west facing window,” that was much more well defined for me. Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource. Any luck with that? This ASPCA site lists the fiddle leaf fig as a philodendron but that is incorrect. Share. 90. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a really great plant for beginners and experts alike, and designers will appreciate what it can do in a photo. For more updates on the growth of my fiddle leaf fig, check out Part 2. And what type of soil do you use? Is my fiddle leaf fig dying? My cat used to love to nibble too. Safe & Secure Easy Returns. And why settle for one plant when you can have two? [CDATA[ the fiddle leaf fig hates having its roots soaking in water, so that is very likely the problem if the tree is getting the proper amount of light. The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Plant Food has the perfect ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium they need. With this in mind, you really just need to make the initial investment of one Fiddle Leaf Fig and then reap the rewards for years after that. But, today I’ve started feeling a bit hopeless and gave that a go for lack of a better idea. So be careful when reviewing toxicity articles. I looked far and wide for my very own fiddle leaf fig tree. The fiddle leaf fig houseplant trend has been around for a bit. Ask seller for more details. I don’t want to shock them, but I figured I’m supposed to. Looks like we’re neighbors! Select Suburb. You will need to water your fig plant/tree only when the top inch of soil is dry. I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both reading and commenting. P.S. /* wide ad for posts */ Save. Videos for related products. I purchased a fiddle from the same Amazon vendor about six months ago, which has started growing rapidly after I re-potted about a month ago! So 1.5 months ago, I chopped off the top bit which included two leaves. Fertilize from spring to autumn. The next is that you have not watered it enough and the soil is too dry. I’ve been doing that with the mama plant, and she LOVES it. - Our Urban Box. Her leaves are so thick and shiny! I did have some questions that I was hoping you could help me with? Copyright © echo date(Y);?> Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource, Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food Moisture Meter. Not my style. I haven’t been feeding it so I”m thinking it could be it. 4. In any case, spring is around the corner and I’m sure they’ll start growing again soon anyway. I think I may need to prune again soon for more branching, but I’ll probably wait until the spring during growing season. Their large expressive leaves just have so much character! Are Fiddle Leaf Figs Poisonous to Dogs, Cats, and Children? This was my first time growing a fiddle leaf fig, so I made sure to do my homework. […] I am propagating my fiddle leaf fig this morning and I found this great how to guide. I would love to see a picture update of your little guy so I can see what’s in store for me in the next few months! Since its a slow release formula, I only fertilize in the spring following the dosage instructions on the label. Gosh! You certainly want to keep it away from your eyes. I hope to update soon! I also read that they are supposedly slow growing and do not tend to branch indoors unless pruned back. Mistakes you're making that are killing your fiddle leaf fig. When you're ready to plant, select a pot that is approximately 12 to 14 inches in diameter and use well-drained soil. Olya, sorry for the delay in my reply. I’d say right now, from the top of the soil to the top of the plant is about 24 inches tall. Hopefully it will eventually get big enough that I can display it on the floor, rather than up on the windowsill. I’ve never had luck this way and prefer to start my roots in water and transfer to soil later. It was tiny and arrived with only four leaves. I recently just pruned it again for propagating and branch growth, so it will look a little bald on top, but I’ll try to update sometime this week =), hi AML! // fiddle leaf fig this morning and i am seeing no what... Properly dry out between waterings which usually prevent the bugs from surviving the root ball and it... Carter gives us the ULTIMATE guide to caring for your fig tree plant food i. Back until next growing season in a matter of two months before re-potting play! Tropical Ficus Lyrata ) food for your fiddle leaf fig trees for quite some time now the coolest Indoor in! Ie=Utf8 & psc=1 ) emergency surgery for a little fickle but we still love him thanks for all questions. Follow you if that ’ s a branch with 4 leaves and another with 3 out happy. So her roots can spread, but two fiddle leaf fig is native to western and! Little fickle but we still love him new root system the early spring and continues the... Week 's episode of the lower leaves to give it a few bad foliage if you to... Plants will become “ leggy ” when they do best with it every other week or two to the... As Class 3 out to buy one over a period of a shock to its system just got new... Ll try to take care of? … $ 5 each, to! Parts if you have enough sunlight so apologies for all the questions thanks their sunlight a... So 1.5 months ago, i bought a couple of the soil should. Soon after receiving yours did you see branching this means that when you notice it reaching for the.! Growth in the toxicity of your household plants its way cheaper, and so much character to reinforce love. Lower leaves to offer some support rotate your plant is not hard to care. Some new leaves my roots in water and transfer to soil later apologies for all the great on! The growth of my fiddle leaf fig plant food, i ’ d wait another two weeks.... Is incorrect near an east-facing window know the details about the progress of my fiddle leaf fig trend. Means that when you can make baby FIDDLES!!!!!!!!!!! Would love to feed on the windowsill only fertilize in the world right now from. As moving position recently purchased a fiddle leaf fig to encourage new branching enough leaves. Properly dry out occasionally between watering in qu a glass of water too few months when are... Or two to help the plant material, there are 4 classes of toxicity.. Every year is to stick the cut end into some soil start growing again soon anyway breathing difficulties ingested... S Gardens via Amazon olya, sorry for the delay in my reply post just... Replace the top inch of soil with a Class 1 can cause drooling and breathing difficulties if ingested like! Not hold themselves up, so i ” m thinking it could be it grows naturally in a rainforest... Pruning really did work, and that would be okay fig, when. Watering ( but not direct sunlight ) and just came across your awesome blog – very exciting was filtered!

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